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Dog Sculptures | Custom Canine Statues | Bronze Dog Sculptures | Pet Sculptures in Bronze

Dog Sculptures in Bronze

Realism without compromise

Custom Dog Sculptures

Realism without compromise

Caesar Yanez

A name you can trust

Custom Dog Sculptures

Realism & Quality without compromise

Caesar Yanez specializes in creating custom bronze dog sculptures. Custom commissions in any scale, such as life size. Purebred, mix breed; designer breeds can be cast in bronze. Contact us today for a custom pet sculpture.

To view some of my current and past dog sculpture works. Please view the attached video.

Life size bronze dog sculpture commissions

Copyright Info & Testimonials

Copyrights are retained by Caesar Yanez on all the artwork created. To help other clients, client’s comments may be used on my website as a testimonial. If you would rather not have your testimonial posted on my site you may opt simply by letting me know.

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